Wednesday, November 17, 2010

England vs France - Capello will awake to unfair headlines

And yet again the fickle England fans jump to accusations of Capello not being up to the job. Twitter has been inundated with the usual remarks all night, so much so that Capello has been trending for a majority of the evening. The newspapers will certainly be taking a similar note. But is it fair?

Sadly I couldn't get tickets for this one so had to watch on ITV like everybody else, and yes it wasn't the prettiest of performances and we did seem outclassed by the only team who flopped harder then us in the World Cup (if you forget Italy's dismal group stages). But I gotta say, did we expect to win? Look at the teams: France have Abidal, Malouda, Benzema and Nasri; we have Walcott, Gerrard, Milner and Carroll. Other then Gerrard we scream unproven - the four I just named from France scream world class. I am not saying we shouldn't expect to beat France, we should - but only if we play a full strength team. Capello wanted to experiment and we all commended him for calling up Henderson, Carroll and Bothroyd - but don't expect them to bring victory on their first appearance. Capello wanted to see what his options were and this helped him have a glimpse at that overview. The score was almost certainly not the most important thing for him today. England fans are too quick to judge these days, I am sure we will now all be asking why Crouch never starts; but do we want him to over Carroll. To me Carroll is an athletic version of Crouch. He has the height, the ability and the skill - tonight was the start of his international career and Capello has said he was impressed. Crouch may have got the goal today. but Capello has never been a fan and tonight he may have found his replacement.

I have no doubt in my mind that Capello will wake up to unfavourable headlines; I also have no doubt they won't bother him in the least. He made his choices for a reason and they were good ones, lets not completely rip him apart just because Benzema decided to actually turn up to this game and we lost to a team who, despite a poor World Cup showing, are always goes to be tough competition.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

West Ham vs Blackpool - Score for god's sake!

Just got in, you have to be mental to think today's game wasn't brilliant! I have had the best night ever to go on top of that! What I love about Blackpool fans is that they love a good party! And a Blackpool bird is a bloody easy bird!

The Game

I just can't believe both teams inability to score! How many chances did both teams have in that game! I stood in the stands actually shocked...shocked! Some of those misses were crazy...from both teams! It should've been 6-6 not 0-0. But I bloody loved watching it! And that's why West Ham can't go down this season - the Premier League will miss us. We have always played great football, even at the hardest of times, and it is the same this season. We are struggling at the bottom of the table and we still turn up and play attacking football. To be fair today did some up every game for us this season, great football - no victory. Still as I keep saying, it's another point and points are good. At least we are plus one on what we were yesterday!

The Night that Followed

As I said, Blackpool girls no how to have fun! London was swarming with 'em tonight.All walking around with their shirts on (always a plus considoring we are trying to point score)! We popped into The Coach and Horses for our first few drinks and there was this table of Blackpool fans, some women some men. We got chatting with bad feelings between any of us. We'd all witnessed a great game and were happy with that. We all agreed that both teams deserved to stay up this season and we enjoyed a bloody good piss up together. The Blackpool lads all looked quite rough - skinheads, tattoos, the works. The birds all looked chavvy and hot - blonde died hair, leggings, tattoos, big tits, the works.

So we are drinking away with them and it turns out that one of the Blackpool birds lives in London (the lads are her family and their birds). I find this out at the bar, Daz, Gaz and Butters are all at the table downing pints - I've got her to myself. So I buy her a tequila slammer and give her some chat. She loves it. Only one single bird of the lot and I've got her here! So we stay in The Coach and Horses until it kicks us out. The travelling Blackpool lot all head to their hotel, but the lads want to keep going. My Blackpool girl (Chloe) pulls me aside and says, "let's just go back to mine...just me and you." The magic words for any guy!

So the guys all headed off and god knows what they have got up to! But me and Chloe headed back to hers. She lives in a small flat with a group of her old uni mates. They were all asleep when we rock in, her tongue down my throat the whole time. I kept grabbing her arse, she had a great arse! She then goes to pull her top off, "no, no...leave it on. You look good in it," I tell her. As I reach up the shirt and pull down her leggings. She has a tiny thong which I pull down and she steps back, completely naked but her Blackpool top. I lift the top over my head and run my tongue across her pussy lips and she stands up - I actually feel her knees tremble. She then unbuttons my top and pulls it off, same with the jeans - taking my boxers with them. This is when I realise...I'm not hard! Why am I not hard!? She is stunning, she is naughty and she is up for it! And yet...I am in no way up for anything. She gives me a slightly bewildered look, she knows she is hot, she knows I should be hard...and yet I am not. She starts kissing my abs and pulling on my floppy cock in an attempt to get a rise out of me - it does not work. She is clearly skilled, she clearly knows what she is doing and yet...nothing! We go to her bedroom where she even tries going down, which to be honest was more off putting then anything - it was just a floppy cock being batted about by a tongue as it kept falling out her mouth. Her bewilderness was becoming restlessness, disappointment and disheartened. I decide to play the "let me" card and push her down and go down on her. She cums pretty hard as I tongue her clit whilst thrusting my fingers in her pussy, making sure I'm stroking her G Spot with my usual 'come hither' move. She was a moaner when she came - probably woke up her flatmates. I would usually love this, and yet still nothing! Sadly, she is the insatiable type and doesn't just want to sleep after cumming, she wants more and she wants my cock. No can do!

I make some rubbish excuse like needing the toilet and head to her toilet. Running across her flat naked - don't think her flatmates saw me. In the toilet I furiously wank, desperate to get a rise out of the little bugger - massive bugger I meant to say. I think about the big arsed Bolton bird I banged a couple weeks back and get it nice and hard. I run back to her room, making sure I enter in a non-chalent manner and she see's how hard I am. Her eyes light up when she sees it and she shoves it into her mouth! My suspiscions were correct - she does know what she is doing! As she sucks me I run my fingers along her very wet pussy, she is completely shaved and I can feel her pussy juice running along her skin. Just before I cum in her mouth she stops, leaving me begging - what a pro! She then pushed me back and climbed on top - Blackpool shirt still on! She slips my hard, pulsating cock into her wet pussy and I feel it dripping down my shaft as she rides me! She is loving it! So am I, it is really good! Which is why I cannot explain what happened fell out. My cock had lost it's hardness and as she got into it riding me furiously it just slipped out. She looked down at it, now completely disheartened...she thought it was her! I suspect it was...but why I can't answer. She tried rubbing it again and I tried thinking of my Bolton bang but that didn't work.

She ended up getting really annoyed and kicked me out before I came. I don't think I can count that as a Jersey can I? Still I pulled a hot bird and drank with some great dudes...I had a good night, just the result could've been better...summed up my day really.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Dundee FC WAGs pose for calendar

I read on Who Ate All The Pies  that the WAGs of Dundee FC have made a promotional calendar (picture below) to raise money to save the struggling club. I have never seen the team play, I have no affiliation to Dundee at all - but it is safe to say that it is now my favourite club. The calendar looks bloody brilliant and I hope it earns them lots and lots of cash - thereby ensuring it becomes an annual thing (because lets face it, no offence girls, but these are footballer's - albeit average ones - so it will probably be a different 12 women next year).

I would definitely bang the the blonde in the middle but on the right - which is your fave?

Photo by Peachfur

Ray Wilkins Sacked!

Ol' Wiley Wilkins has gone! Ancelotti has got rid of him, about time I say! I reckon that their was a bit of a power struggle. It wouldn't surprise me if Wilkins has been undermining many of the managers that have passed through Stamford Bridge's corridors over the last few years (and there has been many!). Wilkins has always acted asa go-between from the players to the managers, having the trust of key players such as Lampard and Terry. There has always been a fair bit of player power at Chelsea, Terry and Lampard have always been key players for the team and the team has always been built around them. If they have a problem with the manager, then the Chelsea board have a problem with the manager. I think it goes to reason that Wilkins has played a big part in sustaining this structure. Ancelotti is not a manager that would take this and has made the first step towards destroying this player power - sacking Wilkins!

He has however realised the unrest this may cause within the camp and cleverly announced he will be hiring within, despite many great players and colleagues of Ancelottie being linked with the job. A hire from within will keep relations with the players strong, but ensure they know Ancelotti is the man in charge! The man Ancelotti is likely to hire is Michael Emanelo, hired under Avram Grant as a scout and has impressed at the club since. Abramovich is said to be a big fan, showing that promoting Emanelo would be a great step by Ancelotti towards securing his job. As much as I hate Chelsea and hate the fact they are succeeding, I have to admit - Ancelotti is doing a great job and this is just another sign of a man who knows what he is doing!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

West Ham vs West Brom - The wins will come

Having already tasted how wild Brummies can be I was looking forward to playing West Brom. Also, I thought it was a game that we could probably win! I was let down on both fronts. Firstly, it's a mid-week game, it is hard to pull a travelling fan mid-week, they don't often stay over. They usually have to be back at work the next day. If the game is on the weekend then they like to have a weekend in London, this isn't the case midweek. Secondly, for the second game running West Ham failed to hold onto their lead and drew 2-2.

The game wasn't an overall disappointment. Ok so we drew again, but West Brom are a had team to beat. They play very defensive and are hard to break down. Grant's right, we didn't play that bad. It's another point and points are good! We are not too far off pace, just four points off Birmingham and safety. Ok the draw to Birmingham was a team who we are competing with to avoid relegation - we gotta win those games. But West Brom, they're in 11th place right now, ok on the slide, but still currently not in relegation zone. A draw to a team that others may lose to will help us climb. I'm confident - Grant will make good purchases come January and we'll pick up a good few points before. And lets face it, Parker is a hero (as proved by his goal last night)...he won't let us go down!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Birmingham vs West Ham - Robbed by ref, but got a Jersey

So I have literally just got in!! I am full on drunk so apologise if my writing is a bit eractic. Anyway, the game was a complete joke!! We were robbed again! The lads went out their and rocked the joint, but the ref conned us out the three points! Still a point ain't a bad thing, and another good performance! If we keep playing well then the victory will come!

After the game it got really messy! Me and Gaz have been texting the two birds from last night throughout the day...they are proper DTF! They have agreed that after the game they will ditch their blokes and come meet us! Full on awesome! We have even convinced them that they gotta keep their footie shirts on cos we love a girl in a footy shirt - how very true!

We end up meeting the birds in this bar in Brum, god knows what it is called. Gaz and I had already snorted far too much in this time and had done some serious jaeger shots in the hotel bar! We of course had different swapping of swords thank you! So we meet these birds...who have also been piling the drink in all day and are gone! They are immediatly all over us! We only have a few drinks before we are back at one of their flats! Apparently, Tracy (the slightly bigger one and the one I'm with) lives with her bf but has told him its girls night and she is staying with Tina (also rather large but a little less so, Gaz' bird). This is great for us, except Tina lives in a one bedroom flat! Oh dear, swords may cross! It was not long before clothes were being taken off (obv not footy jerseys) and naughty bits were being fondled! What I do like about big girls...huge tits! I was all over this girls hands were constantly up that shirt! I had managed to get her to not wear a bra tonight which was a personal triumph. I could tell when she was proper horny because her nipples got hard and were pointing through the shirt!

After a bit, Tina dragged a near naked Gaz into her bedroom. She of course was naked but a shirt; as she walked off I could see her fat ass jiggling below it...didn't help when Gaz spanked it! It was not long before some very interesting noises were coming from that room...from both Tina and Gaz. He had clearly got a Jersey...I needed to secure mine!

I didn't have to work hard, oddly spurred on by the noise of her friend cumming Tracy grabbed my fingers and thrust them into her...she was full on wet so i knew i was in. I lifted her shirt up over her huge tits (making sure she knew i didn't want it completely off) and flicked her hard nipple with my tongue. She then took charge...she pushed me back and bent over...her huge ass sticking in the air.
"Fuck me!" she begged...I could see her pussy dripping and looked at my hand to see her wetness all over my fingers.

I spanked her ass which made it jiggle...I loved this, and grabbed her flabby cheeks hard as I thrusted my cock in. She was so wet it went in easy! I fucked her had and fast and she moaned loudly. She spanked her own ass as she flung her head back and begged for it "harder" and "faster!" I could tell she was a naughty one so I shoved my thumb in her ass and she let out this huge moan...I couldn't tell if it was pleasure or pain but I just kept thrusting in her hard whilst thumbing her ass!! It felt so good, her wet pussy dripping down my cock as I pounded against her cushioned wasn't long before I was close! I had heard Gaz making Tina cum and wanted to make sure he heard Tracy! She kept yelling "nearly there, nearly there!" I needed her to be there now...because I was! I pulled my thumb out her ass and reached round to start rubbing her clit fast! I swear to god I have never had such a reaction! She came so hard and fast with the biggest moan...Gaz definitly heard that! Her pussy lips vibrating as she came was enough to make me blow my load and I shooted cum inside her! She then laid down shaking with pleasure and I sat back, looked down at my cum covered, semi-erect cock and my poo stained thumb. Quality night!!

Weekend Preview - Birmingham vs West Ham

So last night me and Gaz headed out in Brum and started to put this plan into action! We get into Brum about 7pm last night and check into our hotel, room each, we know what we want and we don't want to watch as the other person gets it. We then put on the ol' gladrags and head out on to Birmingham's infamous Broad Street. No laugh, this was a messy night. Jaegerbombs were floating round like know ones business. So we in this club, Custard Factory, and we drinking some not so cheap drinks. We chatting up some proper raver girls and we get the conversation on to football asap. Easy enough, they ask "why you in Birmingham?" we answer, "To watch the game, are you into football?". We go round a few different groups of girls, buying them drinks giving them chat - don't get me wrong Brum is full of willing girls looking for a fun times, but we wanted specific girls - Birmingham City fans!

So about 1am me and Gaz are talking to these two proper big girls, they're Brum fans! No joke though, I've had some big girls in my time, but these girls - huuuge! Gaz had the slightly smaller one, I had the biggest. She was proper pissed and grinding all up on me. Good thing about big girls...huge breasts! I know this girl is DTF because she is constantly putting her tongue down my throat and rubbing downstairs through my jeans. Problem is, she ain't got her footy shirt on - I need to get her back home so she can put it on whilst we go at it and then I've bagged a Brum jersey.

We leave the club at 2pm, Gaz says to the girls "So you want to carry this night on, any drink at yours?" The girls look at eachother proper shyly though and clearly going to give us the denial so I step in and say "Hey, why don't we carry it on tomorrow night after the game." They just happen to be going with their boyfriends (woooops!), but say they'll ditch them afterwards and find us (get in!). So we take their numbers and off we go!

Woke up this morning feeling very optimistic, I don't know about West Ham but I am definitly going to be scoring today!